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Burglar Alarm or Intruder Alarm Systems

For home security it is essential to get the intruder alarm system installed by an NSI approved intruder alarm installation specialist who can assess your property to identify the best place for the installation to keep intruders away. The benefit of an intruder alarm system or a burglar alarm system installation is:

  • It constantly protects your home in your presence and even while you are away
  • It can be detached and re-installed anywhere
  • Keep Intruders away
  • Remotely monitor your home

intruder alarms sloughAs an NSI NACOSS Gold approved installer, you can be assured that your intruder alarm system will be installed to comply with British & European standards, insurance and police approved.

In recent years and since the introduction of European regulation EN50131, intruder alarm systems have has have become very complicated with many options available, different technologies and grades, etc.

At Global Security we take the complication away from you by specifying the right burglar alarms system for your premises based on an initial risk assessment we make.

The cost of burglar alarm system installation can be high with low quality work. That’s why the burglar alarm installation cost should come with a lot of value, even if you’re looking to get a

We provide a simple and cost effective solution to protect your premises and monitor the system 24 hours a day, giving you the peace of mind that if your premises are burgled, both keyholders and police will be informed (please refer to our intruder alarm monitoring section for further details on alarm monitoring).

Domestic Alarms

It may be that you’ve never even considered an intruder alarm system for your home premise and think of it more in terms for businesses and commercial developments. The fact of the matter is that with the increase of home invasions, one can never be too safe nowadays so having one installed in your home makes perfect sense. The best case scenario is that you never have to use it, but at least if someone does attempt to break into your home you know you’ll be notified, as well as the authorities right away. The sound alone can be enough to scare off a possible intruder. Our burglar alarms are professionally designed to suit your family’s needs. Allowing you to easily fully set the system during the day when you are out and part set at night when you are asleep, you can rest assured that an intruder alarm system by Global Security will give you complete peace of mind and considerably reduce your risk of being a victim of burglary. Installing a burglar alarm, therefore, can bring great peace of mind.
In order to improve the effectiveness of Intruder alarm system, we can also help you with wireless alarm systems.

Commercial Alarms

Burglary and criminal damage is a threat and cost to business. A well designed and installed intruder alarm system can provide cost-effective protection and act as a deterrent to intruders while alerting keyholders and police.

Our commercial burglar alarms can protect your premises both internally and externally, with a range of external PIR movement detectors and Infra Red Active beams available.

Smoke & Fog Systems

Smoke and fog systems can be added to enhance your intruder alarm system. These systems typically fill a room with dense, but harmless smoke or fog within just a few seconds to reduce visibility to zero.

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