Suprema BioStation T2

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Suprema BioStation T2

High Performance Fingerprint IP Terminal

Smarter Technology, Ultra Performance

The new BioStation T2 blends loads of innovative features with Suprema’s sophisticated fingerprint recognition technology. Its powerful dual-CPU engine ensures seamless operation and internal camera captures face image logs(snap shots) for an extra level of security. Sealed in a flat-panel front glass and refined dimensions, it provides an intuitive and aesthetic-pleasing GUI on an easy-to-use touchscreen LCD. In addition to its extensive communication interfaces, BioStation T2 also supports embedded web server which provides convenient system management over its IP-based access control system.

Touch Screen LCD with Intuitive GUI 5-inch

Its ultra wide 5.0-inch WVGA LCD features heavy-duty resistive touch screen technology with wide viewing angle. The display panel has been designed to provide extreme usability and precision for secure biometric access control to high-traffic time & attendance applications. Its intuitive GUI allows users to easily learn necessary controls and functions with minimal training and instruction. The GUI also supports customizable wallpaper and notice board.

Powerful Dual-CPU System

With its sophisticated dual-CPU architecture, BioStation T2 offers super fast matching performance, rapid response and exceptionally low error rate. A powerful 533MHz DSP is dedicated to fingerprint matching process for optimal performance, and a 667MHz RISC ensures uninterrupted device operation and instant face detection.

IP Access Control with PoE & WiFi

BioStation T2’s TCP/IP connectivity offers extra flexibility in designing your security system while reducing cost on installation and maintenance. Compared to conventional access control system, IP access control system provides lower cost per door with less wiring and the utilization of existing network infrastructure. BioStation T2 also offers PoE(Power over Ethernet) and WiFi to further enhance its extensibility. The PoE feature enables simpler wiring and lower installation cost. On the other hand, users can also choose to connect BioStation T2 with a WiFi interface to enjoy the benefits of faster installation with significant cost reduction.

Face Detection Technology

BioStation T2 features Face Detection Technology by capturing face image logs on each entry. With its megapixel built-in camera, the device automatically captures a face image from each user to prevent buddy punching and unauthorized entries.

Embedded Web Server

BioStation T2 is preloaded with BioStar Lite embedded web server software. The BioStar Lite allows administrators to control up to 10 Suprema IP access control devices with a web browser without installing any software on a PC. The application provides comprehensive user/device controls, door configurations, access grouping, scheduling and real-time monitoring of the whole system.

Suprema Algorithm

At the core of BioStation T2, the world’s most powerful fingerprint algorithm assures unrivaled speed and accuracy. Recognized by FVC and NIST MINEX Tests, Suprema Algorithm has been proven to be one of the most sophisticated and advanced technologies in the biometrics industry.

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