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Alarm Monitoring

To increase the effectiveness of your intruder alarm system, we can provide you with an alarm monitoring service via a telephone line or GSM/GPRS network or both to our “Alarm Receiving Centre” (ARC).

Our monitored intruder alarm systems are continuously monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our partner ARC – Southern Monitoring Services. SMS are one of the UK’s largest and premier ARC, NSI NACOSS approved with a dedicated team of professional operators to handle alerts from your system and contact the relevant authorities – keyholders, police, fire brigade, etc. Please view their web site for further information,

There are a number of monitoring options available including:

Digital Communicator Monitoring

This is a cost effective method of monitoring your intruder alarm system. On activation of the alarm, a signal is sent down the telephone line to the “Alarm Receiving Centre” (ARC), who in turn contact keyholders and police to inform them of the activation. Suitable for domestic and small commercial properties.

This monitoring method does not monitor for line cuts. If the phone line is cut signals cannot be passed to the ARC.

BT RedCARE Monitoring

BT RedCARE offers a secure form of alarm monitoring. RedCARE continuously monitors the telephone line, thereby being able to detect line cuts and faults within seconds. RedCARE is fully endorsed by insurers and is suitable for all commercial properties. Further information on RedCARE is available at:

RedCARE GSM Monitoring

BT RedCARE GSM is a “Dual Path” signalling method, offering the same high degree as standard RedCARE, but in addition if the telephone line is cut, signals can continue to be passed to the ARC by way of the GSM mobile network. Further information on RedCARE GSM is available at:

Dualcom GPRS Monitoring

Dualcom GPRS is a “Dual Path” signalling method, using the Vodafone GPRS network as the primary signalling source and a standard analogue PSTN line (BT or non BT) as the secondary signalling source. There are no Vodafone call charges as it is supplied as a bundled package.