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Fingerscan V90 fingerprint reader


  • Applications: Time & Attendance Access Control
  • Dimensions: 168 x 165 x 95 mm
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Power Supply: 12V DC or Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Power Usage: <300 mA (peak)
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, RS485, RS232, USB, Wiegand
  • Baud Rate: 300 to 115200
  • Wiegand: Internally configurable up to 48 bits
  • Monitored Inputs: 4
  • Monitored Outputs: 6
  • Output to Printer: Yes
  • Job Costing Mode: 256 by 256
  • Restricted Menu Access: Yes
  • Verification Time: Less than 1 second
  • Verification Options: ID only, ID & Finger, ID & PIN, Finger only, Card only, Card & Finger (Finger = Biometric template)
  • False Rejection Rate (FRR): Administrator defined (typically less than 0.0013)
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR): Administrator defined (typically less than 0.0001)
  • Allowable Finger Rotation: +/- 18 degrees
  • Template Size: Various supported, default 1275 bytes
  • Template Storage Capacity: Dependant on template type used: If ANSI standard: 32,000 default
  • Transaction Storage Capacity: 60,000. Expandable to 100,000+
  • Screen: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), 2 line, ultra-bright
  • Time Zones: 30
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Internal Operating System: Linux

The Biometric Multi-Tool

The series of V90 fingerprint reader units are one of the most capable biometric devices on the market. At a glance you may find a physical resemblance to the original Fingerscan V20, but look closer and you’ll find that the similarities stop there.

With a range of new features, the PeopleKey V90 fingerprint reader is at the forefront of biometric technology. Its rugged design, integrated tamper switches and scratchproof, no-maintenance fingerprint sensor make the reader ideally suited to both time & attendance and physical access control applications.

Tracks Employee Attendance

For those seeking a biometric time clock, look no further. The V90 fingerprint reader easily mounts on the wall and allows your employees to conveniently clock in and out with a short PIN number (or card) andtheir fingerprint. The in and out entries are saved as time stamps on the device itself, and instantly transferred to a Fingerlan database over your wired or wireless network, where they can later be processed for payroll. Unlike many competing products, PeopleKey hardware incorporates forensic quality fingerprint sensors, government approved fingerprint matching algorithms, and a durable outer case for long life. Each V90 fingerprint reader stores 32,000 employee fingerprint templates as well as 60,000 time stamps, so your attendance data is always backed up and secure.

Protects Your Facilities

The PeopleKey V90 is also an excellent tool for access control (building security). The device can be installed next to any door that needs to be controlled, and connected to a door strike or existing security system. The V90 is also connected to your Fingerlan PC over a wired or wireless network. User data and fingerprint templates are enrolled into Fingerlan, and each user is granted unique access privileges. For instance, “John” may be allowed to enter door A on Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm, and door B only on Wednesdays between noon and 2pm.

Once users are enrolled, they can simply walk up to the V90 fingerprint reader, verify their identity with the touch of a finger, and the device will unlock the nearby door to allow entry. Each user verification is logged in the fingerprint reader as well as Fingerlan, so you have a secure audit trail of who has been where, and at what time. And unlike cards or keys, an individual’s fingerprint cannot be lost or stolen.


The V90 fingerprint reader boasts industry-leading memory capacity, a 500dpi optical fingerprint sensor, and US Government-certified fingerprint algorithms. The device can be used in standalone mode, or networked to other PeopleKey hardware via our Fingerlan management software.

Available options for the V90 fingerprint reader include Power Over Ethernet, an integrated 24-way I/O board, memory upgrades, and an integrated HID iCLASS or HID Mifare card reader. The V90 can be connected to existing existing alarm systems, magnetic swipe card readers or proximity card readers.

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