L1 4G V-Station Lite and V-Flex Lite

///L1 4G V-Station Lite and V-Flex Lite
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L1 4G V-Station Lite and V-Flex Lite

Easy Installation

Keeping the installation and set-up procedures the same as other 4G series products, the 4G V-Station Lite™ does not require any new training.

Easy Integration

Following the same 4G Architecture, the 4G V-Station Lite™ can simply be added to an existing 4G access control network of biometric and non-biometric devices.

Easy Enrolment

As 4G V-Station Lite™ can perform enrolment, verification and identification; colour LCD screen and navigation keys make all these steps effortless.

Top Features

1.5″ Full Color LCD Screen

All new 1.5″ LCD full color display screen makes access control device interactivity all the more entertaining. The screen helps in enrolment-on-the-device, firmware upgrade, and other admin related activities, as now they can be performed on the device.

Integrated PIN pad and 3 navigation keys

12 alphanumberic keys and 3 navigation keys make the 4G V-Station Lite™ the first device in the Lite Series to have a keypad to allow three-factor authentication including employee PINs. The blue backlit keypad ensures visibility in low lighting conditions.

Secugen Optical Sensor

500dpi for HQ templates
Integrated SecuGen™ Optical Sensor captures High Quality fingerprint images with 500dpi image quality and the device instantly converts the image to a biometric template. This sensor is compatible with all current L1 EAD template formats and makes the device fit seamlessly into any our biometric or non-biometric network.

IP65 rated

Indoor and Outdoor capabilities
4G V-Station Lite™ is IP65 rated with operating temperature ratings ranging from -20°C to 65°C. The device can withstand unfavorable weather conditions and with a covered fingerprint sensor, it stays protected from dust, rain, etc. It is recommended to deploy it indoors for improved performance and results.

Integrated Card Reader

DESFire/MIFARE/iCLASS or Proximity
4G V-Station Lite™ comes in three variants; Base, Smart and Prox. The Smart variant has an inbuilt Omnikey card reader that can read DESFire, MIFARE and iCLASS cards. This gives an option to use any of these smart cards for multi-factor authentication purposes.

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