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Invixium access control

Trusted Technologies

We strive to engineer products with the industry’s best technologies including Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Capacitive Touch Screen, Texas Instruments processor, HID® smart card modules, Android® Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS, SQL Server Database and a Lumidigm® sensor; to name a few. We also take pride in providing the best in class performance via in-house algorithms, intuitive designs and workflows, and architecture that is extensible, scalable and flexible.

Exquisite Design

Every curve, ridge and all textures were meticulous crafted to provide a rich feel. We at INVIXIUM take design very seriously and have extended this passion beyond our readers. From the product packaging to each and every icon created for our software, every detail matters to us.

INVIXIUM products are Made in Canada

Slim Factor

It’s astounding that a biometric access control device could be built so slim, while still offering an incredible amount features. All in a beautiful shell designed and made with an exceptional level of quality. IXM MYCRO measures a mere 48 millimeters and weighs just 300 grams. We achieved a design like this because of relentless attention to detail.

Blazing Fast

Upping performance to support innovative and custom features is critical. By including a blazing fast 720 MHz processor, you will notice a massive jump in speeds compared to other product in the industry. The single-chip promises lightning fast boot times in device applications and 10,000 matches in 1 second.


To enhance these powerhouse devices, included is a DDR3L (low power) 512MB RAM making IXM MYCRO one of the fastest biometric devices in the world. This RAM makes data transfer extremely fast. The low power DDR3L helps in smaller form factor and also aids in keeping the power consumption low. It’s fast and it’s real.


Anti-Shock Vandal Protection (ASVP) ensures that your device is safely mounted on the wall at all times and any attempt to displace the unit or any forceful vandalism can be detected and customized alarms can be triggered. The accelerometer installed in the device senses even the smallest jerk and triggers an alarm.

Multi-spectral Fingerprint Imaging

IXM SENSE captures superior fingerprint images and unleashes the subsurface fingerprint to increase biometric performance. This translates to superior enrollments against bad fingerprint imaging due to dirt, genetics, age, finger placement or environmental conditions, drastically reducing Failure to Enroll (FTE) rates.

Presence DetectTM

Presence DetectTM is a unique feature in IXM SENSE. This feature informs the biometric sensor and the processor that a user is in proximity of the device, and instructs the sensor and other user authentication related components and services to turn on. This intelligent feature reduces power consumption and increases sensor life.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE dramatically reduces the cost of ownership, while still providing lightning fast communication. The headache of requiring AC power is eliminated, providing reliability, remote network control and power cycling and the freedom to choose the most optimal installation location without running extra wires or cables.

Customizable & Upgradable

Go ahead and custom order your IXM SENSE with astonishingly unique features like Battery Back-up, Wi-Fi and a multitude of Smart and Proximity card options. The camouflaged modular design also future-proofs your investment as it is upgradable to INVIXIUM’s future innovations in the field.

Hello Android!

Welcome to the world of Android® powered Biometric Access Control. With Android® 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS included on all INVIXIUM devices, our products can now perform applications that other companies haven’t even dreamed about, offering functionality that is simply limitless. The addition of this OS will ensure a modern, consistent and enriched user experience, making other industry devices seem outdated.

Capacitive Touch Screen

We incorporated the best capacitive touchscreen available with continuous rescanning to provide a seamless response when an app or function is tapped. High lumen screens and the super sensitive capacitive touchscreen ensure that you get a fast responsive experience even when playing video or audio streams. Other features include high impact graphics acceleration, operation and low-power standby functions.

Gorilla Glass

We know that vandalism is a growing problem within the security industry. To ensure your device or business doesn’t become a victim, we’ve fitted an ultra-thin, super strong layer of Corning® Gorilla® Glass on all touch screen devices, another industry first from INVIXIUM. This glass component will safeguard the touchscreen panel, making it extremely secure from any unwanted malicious attacks, dirt or rubble.

Battery Back-up

Keeping your biometric device always online and secure is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we have built in a robust lithium ion battery that contains 1600 mAH of power. Now when your business experiences a power failure, the device quickly and flawlessly shifts to battery mode; meaning no down time and preservation of all data with the device remaining fully functional.


To simplify and reduce installation costs, we have also incorporated a Wi-Fi option in IXM TOUCH (select models) for IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocols. Right out the box, the device is configured with DHCP enabled allowing for fast setup. Also keeping up with current security protocols to ensure that your wireless network is secure, our Wi-Fi feature allows for configuration of WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption protocols.

Browser Ready

IXM Web is developed and tested on all major browsers: ChromeTM, Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Safari®. Our goal is to ensure you stay within your realm of comfort. As we witness browser wars in today’s age, we thought it best to stay up-to-date with all options.

Mobile Ready

IXM Web application is a Web-based structure that allows the software to be accessed without having to dedicate a physical resource to control and configure devices. The admin only needs access to a good quality LAN connection along with any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Intuitive & Playful UI

XM Web is a fine example of gamification in software. The application runs like a game and the user can play around with all its options and not stress over looking for functions. All settings are intuitively sorted and accessible via 6 customizable tiles on the dashboard.

Quick Setup

The IXM Web application is built to ensure an extremely easy and lightning fast set up on a server with only 3 simple steps. Step 1) License Agreement, Step 2) Check for necessary components and install if missing, and Step 3) Start installing the application.

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