What To Expect From Home Security In The New Year

//What To Expect From Home Security In The New Year

What To Expect From Home Security In The New Year

The necessary requirements of security systems solutions have changed for many people over the past few years, as their behaviours, lifestyles and time spent away from home has been especially variable.

Security systems at all levels, from highly advanced, specialised and monitored setups to do-it-yourself systems powered by smart home technology, have evolved to match, and with security needs continuing to vary wildly, here are some trends to expect over the next twelve months.


Increased Smart Home Integration

More people than ever have been adding security to their homes, and part of the reason for this is that a growing number of people have a smart device that can be used as an easy way to interface between the user and the many different wireless security technologies.

With Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa increasingly integrated into smart devices, people have more control than ever over their security with a simple tap of a smart device or a voice command.


Machine Learning CCTV

Artificial intelligence has been a core part of many security trends, and not just on the frontend either. Machine learning and deep learning systems have been used in a range of industries, and security is about to receive many benefits at the same time.

On the one hand, AI alarms can detect the nature of an alert that has been triggered by a camera, allowing monitoring stations to more effectively prioritise the alerts they respond to.

As well as this, CCTV may start making decisions beyond this, zooming, panning across to particular targets of focus and sending alerts and warnings to monitoring stations.


The Rise Of Drone Security

As drones with cameras and the ability to follow pre-programmed routes increase in availability and popularity, one potential trend over the next year is to monitor premises with the help of high flying security drones, that can spot intruders, relay footage to monitoring stations and quickly respond to alarms.

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