Choosing The Right Access Control System For Your Business

//Choosing The Right Access Control System For Your Business

Choosing The Right Access Control System For Your Business

The importance of a reliable access control system for your business premises cannot be overstated. An inadequate system puts your staff and property at risk of theft, vandalism, data breaches, and terrorist attacks. 

It may also mean that you are in breach of health and safety regulations and insurance policies, threatening the reputation and financial security of your business should an adverse incident occur. 

However, selecting the most suitable system for your needs can be a complex process, and there is an ever-expanding range of options available such as biometric access control. Here’s a look at how to make the right choice for your business.

  • Key considerations

Whatever type of business you have, there are a few considerations that are applicable to all. These include how easy it is to use; if it can be scaled up should you wish to expand in the future; how easily it can be integrated into existing systems; how easy it is to install and maintain; and what ongoing support and maintenance service is provided by the installer.

  • Assess your needs

Access control systems for offices help management and security teams to keep tabs on who is in the building and when they enter and leave, and also to prevent unauthorised access to areas of the building that may contain sensitive data or valuable equipment. This may be necessary for insurance purposes.

A good access control system also provides peace of mind that your staff and visitors will be protected from intruders. 

  • Key fob and card readers

Popular and cost effective solutions include key fob or card readers that can be instantly scanned. This saves the time and trouble of remembering and entering a pin code, and reduces congestion at exit or entry points.

Disadvantages of this system include the loss, theft, or misuse of the card or fob. Ultimately, the decision may depend on the size of your office, how many staff you employ, the type of data you handle, and if you have a lot of valuable stock or equipment at the office.

  • Biometric access control systems

Biometric systems are those that are designed to read unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprint patterns, retina patterns, or facial features. This is an advanced form of access control that makes it very secure, because unlike cards or fobs, the means of access cannot be obtained by anyone else. 

If you have a factory or warehouse premises with a large volume of high-value goods in storage, then you may wish to consider such an advanced method of access control. This can be combined with other security measures such as CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, and automatic number plate recognition technology. 

The best course of action may be to consult a professional security company who will be able to carry out a site survey and recommend the best solution.

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