How Drones Can Help Improve Security

//How Drones Can Help Improve Security

How Drones Can Help Improve Security

The world of security system solutions has advanced rapidly over the past few years, incorporating smart security devices, the Internet of Things and greater flexibility and control over security devices than ever before.

One of the most fascinating trends that is appearing in security, however, is the increased use of drones as part of surveillance and crime recording, aided in part by advances in artificial intelligence that have been seen in other security technologies.


Easy Aerial Surveillance

One of the biggest reasons for this change is the development of quadcopter standards and the general miniaturisation of remote flying drones, which has allowed for more versatility and an easier way to set up aerial surveillance.

Before the development of camera-equipped drones, helicopters were the standard system for securing a building from the sky, but given the complexities of acquiring airspace clearance and a lengthy list of checks before the security team could take off, it was expensive and impractical.

A modern drone can be set up and operated remotely in just minutes, allowing for quick deployment in response to an active situation.


Advanced Automation

The biggest advances in drone technology involve the ability to make autonomous flights based either around flight paths, using sensors to respond and track particular subjects, and respond to hazards immediately.


Real-Time Imaging

Video can be streamed in real-time from the drone’s onboard camera systems, allowing for a security team to actively monitor a situation and use remote controls to respond accordingly.

Drones have also started to become equipped with high definition video cameras, extensive zoom features and even thermal imaging.

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