Top Smart Home Tips To Enhance Security Whilst Away

//Top Smart Home Tips To Enhance Security Whilst Away

Top Smart Home Tips To Enhance Security Whilst Away

The face of home security systems solutions has changed considerably over the past decade with the development of smart homes and the innate security infrastructure they can provide.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled smart devices to communicate with each other on a much larger scale, allowing for integrated, wireless security systems that incorporate doorbells, locks, security cameras, alarms and lights, which can be controlled from anywhere with a smartphone.

Because of this, whilst the core principles behind strong security remain the same, there are ways to use smart home technology to make your home even safer whilst you are away for a long time.


Schedule Lights And Blinds

One of the simplest and most misinterpreted pieces of security advice is to leave your lights on when you are away. Whilst this might not always work for a dedicated thief, there is some logic behind it.

Most burglaries are opportunistic in nature; if a burglar thinks they can get in and out without being spotted, they will target a home.

The theory, therefore, is that if a burglar can see activity in the home, such as a light that is turned on or the flickering lights of a television, that can act as a deterrent to a more casual thief looking simply to smash and grab.

Whilst this would not fool a dedicated burglar, smart switches and scheduled lighting patterns might have a better chance, with lights turning off during the day, and being on at night until a logical bedtime.


Keep The Batteries Charged

Most smart security equipment is battery powered, so make sure that your cameras, alarms and doorbells are fully charged or have free batteries fitted that will last the duration of your holiday.


Set Up Motion Detecting And Notifications

Most smart cameras have motion detection settings that send a picture and a notification to a smartphone informing them of a potential intruder, and whilst it is tempting to turn it off whilst you are at home, make sure it is up and running when you are away to gather proof of potential intruders.

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