Tips To Protect Your Home During Peak Christmas Burglary Time

//Tips To Protect Your Home During Peak Christmas Burglary Time

Tips To Protect Your Home During Peak Christmas Burglary Time

Unfortunately, it is a well-reported fact that thefts and burglaries increase over the festive season. A combination of long dark nights, and homes packed with expensive presents are a huge draw for intruders. Here are some tips to help keep your property safe and secure at this time of year.

Leave lights on if you go out

One factor that a lot of people overlook at Christmas is posting which social or entertainment events they will be attending on social media, alerting potential thieves to the fact that the property will be empty for the evening. If you are going out, leave some internal lights on, and a radio to make your house look occupied.

Don’t leave valuable goods in the main bedroom

Many people will leave luxury presents, jewellery, and even cash ‘hidden’ in the main bedroom, and this is usually the first place thieves will look. Instead, keep valuables in a discreet cupboard, or even under the floorboards.

Install outdoor lighting

Motion sensor outdoor lighting is a huge deterrent to burglars, who like to operate in the shadows. A Well-lit home, at both the back and front, is much less likely to be a target for thieves.

Invest in visible security systems

If a burglar alarm and/or CCTV camera is visible on the exterior of your property, potential intruders will be put off. If you are out a lot, it may be worth investing in smart technology, which allows you to view security cameras from a mobile device, and also control other features, such as switching lights and alarms on and off.

Keep tools in a locked outbuilding

Thieves will often look for tools such as ladders and blunt instruments in sheds and unlocked garages, to help them break into the house. Keep them securely locked away to avoid becoming an easy target.

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