Tips For Choosing An Access Control System

//Tips For Choosing An Access Control System

Tips For Choosing An Access Control System

There is more choice than ever when it comes to deciding which access control system to use for your home or business. In fact, it can be hard to know which one will exactly suit your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right product.


Pinpoint your requirements

First of all, determine what your needs are. What is the size of the facility you wish to protect? How many access points does it have that need to be controlled? Think about perimeter gates, exterior portals, and any interior points that should be monitored and protected.


What level of security do you need?

If you have a small office with a handful of employees, then a standalone device controlled via a digital keypad may be the best solution. This is a very simple and effective way of controlling who enters your premises, and offers excellent value for money.

For a larger operation, a networked access system may be a better solution. This allows each control device to be connected to a central computer system, which can be operated remotely. You will be able to gather precise analytical data, such as individual identity, entry and exit times, which times have the highest footfall, and so on.


Which access method is best?

If you have a networked system, users will need a way to access it. This could be done by presenting or swiping a card or keyfob to a reader, which may be best if staff already carry ID cards or badges.  Alternatively, a smartphone or smartwatch app can be used.

If a higher level of security is needed, for example if the building stores valuable stock or sensitive data, then a biometric option is one of the most fraud-proof access control methods to use. The device will read unique physical characteristics of the user, such as fingerprint scans, or use facial recognition technology.


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