How To Stop Halloween Being Hell-oween

//How To Stop Halloween Being Hell-oween

How To Stop Halloween Being Hell-oween

This time of year is an exciting one for many people as Halloween approaches. Whether it is adults preparing to dress up for a party or kids preparing to go trick-or-treating, traditions like bobbing for apples or carving pumpkins, many see October 31st as a lot of fun.

However, for many households the experience is, unfortunately, rather different. It is an occasion on which some will see carrying out the trick as being the treat in itself, taking the opportunity to enter the property of others after dark on the one night of the year this is normal, in order to get up to no good. 

Councils and the police know this all too well. Last year, Buckinghamshire County Council produced a list of ways to stay safe on October 31st. While some of this was Covid-related, it also noted how Halloween vandalism is a common problem and extra police would be on duty to deal with this.

Hertfordshire Police have also raised this issue, noting that offences such as graffiti are also classed as vandalism and could get perpetrators arrested and given a criminal record.  

This is why now could be a good time to contact CCTV installers in Slough. With this in place, vandals may be deterred from carrying out their misdeeds around your property and, if they don’t, the footage may help secure their conviction in court. It will also help with insurance claims, by proving that damage was caused by vandalism.

It is not just October 31st that will bring cause for concern. Once Halloween is over, Bonfire Night will follow and while many stores have stopped selling fireworks to the public, not all have. This means dangerous activities like firework-throwing can pose a danger to people and property.

Installing CCTV is not just for Halloween and Bonfire Night, of course. As the police know only too well, autumn and winter are favourite times for burglars, who can exploit the dark nights. But with your cameras in place, you will have an extra layer of defence to deter and identify criminals.

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