The Burglary Dangers Of Spring

//The Burglary Dangers Of Spring

The Burglary Dangers Of Spring

With the days now longer than the nights and the clocks going forward, spring might seem an odd time to be calling burglar alarm installers in Slough. But that would be to reckon without the fresh dangers that the lighter months of the year bring for home security.

Over the winter the general danger has come from the fact that the nights are dark and cold. The darkness enables people to sneak around unseen more, while the fact it is cold means there may be fewer people around outdoors at any time to spot them. Moreover, times like Christmas with all those presents around can provide rich pickings.

However, just because it is lighter now does not mean the threat has gone away. It simply comes back in new forms.

For example, you may be spending more time outdoors in the garden, but there is a danger that you can leave garden tools out overnight if the forecast is dry. Opportunists will make sure they are not there in the morning.

Another issue in warmer weather is leaving doors and windows open, which can again create opportunities for those who want to swiftly sneak in and grab items even while you are at home, making a fast getaway. Moreover, if you do open doors and windows in warmer weather, you must check that you have closed open windows and locked doors before you leave the house.

There are also risks from holiday times. Lots of folk will go away on bank holiday weekends like Easter and May Day, which means your house is unguarded.  It is wise not to broadcast that you will be away on social media, as this information might be exploited while your home is empty.

Finally, while there may not be as much darkness to hide in, the fresh green growth of spring can provide lots of bushes and shrubs for cover. It is a good idea to trim these back to reduce the number of hiding places.

Spring and summer may be great times for leisure, but beware: the burglars will certainly not be taking time off.

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