Common Home Security Systems That May Need Updating

//Common Home Security Systems That May Need Updating

Common Home Security Systems That May Need Updating

There are a lot of effective, affordable security systems out there that are easier to install than ever before.

Thanks to the advent of smart cameras and the internet of things infrastructure that make them work, most homes have some form of surveillance or security device installed, from a smart doorbell or a series of wireless cameras to a more sophisticated intricate system.

However, if you plan on setting up a DIY security system or buying a starter security kit, it pays to shop around and make sure that you are getting the best possible system, as some of them have vulnerabilities that require updates, either in the form of software updates or buying a better system.

Here are three common home security systems that may need updating.


Jamming Vulnerabilities

Most modern home security systems are wireless, which for the most part helps to make them more secure as there are no wires for a would-be burglar to cut, which whilst often factored into a professional installation can sometimes catch out DIY installers.

However, there is one potential vulnerability to using wireless technology and that is jamming, which is where an RF transceiver and a laptop are used to block the signals to a motion sensor to stop it from going off.

In practice, most home security devices factor this in and have anti-jamming systems or can detect jamming attempts and stop them, However, some, according to a Consumer Reports study could be jammed relatively easily.

Whilst this is not a common tactic of burglars, it may be important to keep in mind when looking for new systems.


Replay Disarm

A more elaborate and rarer attack that CR found two systems were vulnerable to was replay disarm signal, which requires a hacker to record the disarm signal from a keyfob and then use an RF transceiver to broadcast the signal, disarming the signal.

Only the Cove Home Security System and Eufy 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit that CR studied were vulnerable to this, and because it requires so much effort and technology on the part of a would-be thief is unlikely to be used, but is a vulnerability that is worth knowing when looking into entry-level security.

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