How To Stay Safe In the School Holidays

//How To Stay Safe In the School Holidays

How To Stay Safe In the School Holidays

With half term fast approaching, many people will be planning a short family holiday, something burglars will be all too aware of.

Thanks to the gradual lifting of Covid restrictions, more families in Slough may get away this time than last year, which means that while they might be excited about packing a suitcase, others may be thinking about packing their swag bags.

Because it is still winter and the nights remain longer than the days, this is a more vulnerable time than upcoming holidays like Easter or the summer, since there is more opportunity for crooks to hide in the dark.

For this reason, now may be a good time to contact burglar alarm installers in Slough and get some extra protection in place before going.

This is not the only thing you should do to keep your home safe, however; there are many other steps you can take.

Among these steps are fitting good locks and using them, making sure valuables such as jewellery and electronic goods are kept well out of sight (and in a safe if you have one), keep your garden tools safely locked away in the shed or garage, get trusted neighbours or friends to keep an eye on the house and fit timer switches to turn lights on periodically.

Security lights can also be particularly useful, especially as this is still a relatively dark time of year. Indeed, if a burglar is wary of trying to snoop around when it’s light, this could be one of the last chances they will have to enjoy favourable conditions for months, so putting them off will be an effective measure.

Another wise move is to avoid broadcasting on social media that you are going away, as this information could easily be seen by someone who will seek to take advantage of your absence.

By taking these sensible steps, you can help ensure that you don’t come home to a terrible shock.

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