The Best And Worst Places To Set Up Motion Sensors

//The Best And Worst Places To Set Up Motion Sensors

The Best And Worst Places To Set Up Motion Sensors

If you’re looking at home security systems, then you will already know that motion sensors are a must-have. With the carefully considered placement of sensors, you can develop a plan of action and defend your home.

With police forces warning homeowners of an increase in reports of burglary, it is a good idea to assess your current home security system and look at the placement of your motion sensors to check that they are in the best place.

Some places are better than others, while some areas prove to be ineffective. Here’s a brief guide to some of the best and worst places for motion sensors.


Don’t place a sensor near a heat source

Sudden temperature changes can trigger a false alarm, so be mindful about placing sensors near anything that can cause temperature changes, for instance, near hot air vents, radiators, or portable heaters.


Do place a sensor in the corner of your master bedroom

Experts say that motion sensors work best when placed in the corner of a room, as they help eliminate blind spots that a burglar can take advantage of. Your bedroom will likely keep many of your valuables, such as jewellery, money, and gadgets, so ensure it is protected!


Don’t place a sensor in direct sunlight

Direct sunlight falling on the sensor can trigger false alarms, especially if they track infrared radiation. Ensure the sensor is well away from any direct sunlight.


Do place a sensor on second-floor room windows

While the ground floor of your property is most likely the entry point for burglars, some may try finding weak points in your defences by climbing up to first- and second-floor windows, thinking that there won’t be any alarms. Make sure all windows have sensors, on all floors of our home.


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