Locksmith Warns Of New Burglary Method

//Locksmith Warns Of New Burglary Method

Locksmith Warns Of New Burglary Method

A locksmith has urged the public to be aware of a new technique used by criminals to gain entry to properties.

Manchester-based Locksmith L&E Ltd said that burglars have begun using blowtorches to damage and snap off door locks to gain entry to residences, and the firm claims they have already seen several cases of this type, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Elizabeth Johns, the company director of the locksmith firm said that criminals had attempted the entry method on one of the company’s client’s properties, but despite the use of blowtorches, they were unable to gain entry due to the new locks that L&E had installed.

The company has now urged homeowners to check their locks and replace them with snap-resistant versions.

The blowtorch used allows burglars to remove the handle from around the lock so that they can get a better grip on it so the lock can be snapped. On a standard door, once the loc, m is snapped, it will easily open.

However, with a snap-resistant lock, even with damage caused by the blowtorch and even if the lock is snapped, the door will remain locked and unable to be opened by the intruders.

Elizabeth offered some handy tips to help keep homes secure:

  • Ensure all looks are of the snap-resistant type
  • Get a professional to install locks to ensure they are correctly fitted
  • Keep both house and car keys out of sight, and never leave house keys in the lock
  • If you lose your keys, get your locks changed immediately
  • Make use of visual deterrents such as CCTV and motion sensor lighting.
  • Make sure Ring Video Doorbells are positioned correctly
  • Make sure security systems are up-to-date
  • Watch out for markers that thieves use to target homes, like paving slabs, triangle or circle symbols or kidney beans on doorsteps


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