Security Tips For Returning To Work

//Security Tips For Returning To Work

Security Tips For Returning To Work

In 2020, millions of people made the shift from office-based work to remote working as the pandemic closed the doors of businesses all around the world. Unsurprisingly, this led to a 35 per cent decrease in burglary and theft as many people spent the last year working from home.

However, as the vaccine rollout continues, People Management reports that 71 per cent of people surveyed now feel more confident about returning to their workplaces, and many people are now preparing themselves for their daily commute and office banter. It’s also good news for the UK’s criminals, who will be on the lookout for empty houses during the day again.

We have a look at some tips to help improve home security for when you return to the office.


Property perimeter

Ensuring your perimeter is guarded can install discourage opportunist intruders. Tall hedges and fences are encouraged where possible, but for the ultimate deterrent, a CCTV system is ideal.

Smart CCTV systems go one step further and allow a person to monitor their homes from a mobile device. Alerts are sent in real-time, meaning the police can be called even when the user is miles away.


The Front Door

The front door is a common entry point for burglars, from it being left unlocked, the lock being snapped or picked, or even forced open. Ensuring you have a high-security door lock is the key to helping prevent burglary.

A video doorbell can also act as a great deterrent, and records any activity and sends a notification to a chosen phone, giving optimum time to call the police, as well as having recorded evidence for insurance claims.


The Back Garden

Often out of sight from the road, the back garden can be a particularly vulnerable area and needs protection.

Security lighting can scare burglars and stop them in their tracks. Like smart CCTV systems, a smart security light sends a message to the user if it has detected movement, again meaning the owner does not need to be at home to have control of the situation.


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