A Checklist To Protect Yourself Against Burglars

//A Checklist To Protect Yourself Against Burglars

A Checklist To Protect Yourself Against Burglars

Our home and possessions are rightly precious to us, and so it makes sense to ensure that they are safe and secure by adding security measures to doors and windows and deterrents such as burglar alarms.

While it is good sense to boost your home security, it is also good practice to be mindful of social media posts that could lead to a burglary. With burglary ad theft on the rise as the lockdown restrictions are eased, we have a look at some extra defences against theft.


A safe deters many burglars

A burglar faced with a safe will likely be deterred. Cracking a safe can take time and effort, as well as make a lot of noise, which are things that burglars will try to avoid, and often isn’t worth the risk for the reward.

Safes are ideal for storing passports, credit cards, important documents, and ID cards, but they can also be good for securing valuable jewellery and anything else of value that you want to keep out of sight.


Other security systems that protect the home

The digital age provides us with many benefits, and smart security systems can offer increased protection and make it even more difficult for opportunist thieves to enter a property unnoticed.

Unlike a standard alarm, smart security systems can be linked to other aspects of your security such as door and window locks and sensors, motion detectors, cameras and more, while all being controlled via your smartphone.



CCTV cameras not only help you keep an eye on your property and belongings, but they also act as a deterrent for burglars. If it is connected to a smart system, wherever you are, you can see a live image from the camera on your smartphone, and depending on the system, you may be able to control the camera while on the move.


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