What Is An Alarm Response Service?

//What Is An Alarm Response Service?

What Is An Alarm Response Service?

Alarm response is a service that can be implemented so that any intruder alarm activations at your place of business are attended by a professional security services provider.

Police Forces across the country have urged business owners to review their security systems as business crimes and burglaries continue to be reported, so we have a look at how an alarm response service can be beneficial to your business.


Why do I need an alarm response service?

Alarm response services may also include key holding and mobile patrols and should be part of your business security strategy. Not only will this help to keep your business premises secure, but provide you and your employees with peace of mind.

Without this service, it may be up to the business owner or employees on-call to respond to alarm activations out of work hours, which can cause problems, not only disturbing people’s work-life balance but also may place you or your employees at risk.

Using an alarm response service means you don’t have to worry about missing time with your family, relaxing with a drink in the evening or wondering who or what you might find when you do reach the property to respond to an alarm activation.


What happens if my business has been broken into?

If your business property has been broken into, then the alarm response service provider will contact the police, and arrange for any broken windows to be boarded up to secure the site.


A good provider can respond to intruder alarms and more

It is not simply key holding and intruder alarm response, and a good service provider will be able to deal with fire alarms, CCTV activation, and much more.

They will provide you with reports that detail the time they were notified of the alarm activation, the time they arrived, the reason for the activation and give a full written account of the events that occurred whilst they were on site.


If you’re looking for a Global Security alarm system, talk to us today.

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