How Do Smart Locks Protect Your Home?

//How Do Smart Locks Protect Your Home?

How Do Smart Locks Protect Your Home?

The options for maximising the safety and security of your home have never been greater. New technology has emerged over the past few years that gives us more convenience and control over who can enter our home and when than ever before. One of the most popular methods of access control are smart locks, but how do these devices actually work?

Smart locks are keyless door locks which can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app, or they can be operated via a numeric keypad. They can either be installed as part of an upgrade of the entire locking system of the building, or sometimes it is possible to fit them over the existing locks.

The first obvious advantage of smart locks is that they dispense of the need for physical keys, and thus removing the problem of lost or stolen keys, and any worry about previous owners or tenants who may have a spare set of keys to your property. Not having to fumble around in your bag for your keys on a dark wet night is also very welcome.

Because they operate via wi-fi access, you can control your smart lock remotely to allow access for a guest or maintenance person. You can also create smart access codes for each family member, and anyone who is a trusted frequent visitor to your home, such as a care worker or childminder. These can be deleted when no longer required.

The system will notify you each time a code is accessed, so you’ll be able to keep track of who enters your home and when. Many systems can also be easily integrated with other smart features you have. For example, the lights can be programmed to automatically turn off, and the thermostat can be turned down when you lock the doors.


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