How Effective Are Simple Home Security Tricks?

//How Effective Are Simple Home Security Tricks?

How Effective Are Simple Home Security Tricks?

As we get savvier and use increasingly sophisticated technology as part of our everyday lives, so too do criminals.

There are over 1.2 million victims of theft every three months according to the Office for National Statistics, with burglaries increasing significantly since a low point last year.

Yet at the same time, many of us rely on simple tricks and somewhat primitive home security techniques to keep our valuables secure.

Whilst some common sense moves like locking windows and doors are effective, investing in smart security system solutions can help offer both advanced security and peace of mind.

Here are some common home security tricks and whether they work.


Leave A Light On

A common trick many people talk about is leaving a light on to fool burglars that you are in. Some go so far as to leave a radio or television on as well, or a cheap light that simulates the flickering lights of a TV.

Whilst in some cases it can make a burglar think twice and avoid breaking in, it also highlights that you have valuables, and since most burglaries take place during the middle of the day it is not as effective.

Typically a better bet is to install motion security lights to show that your home is secure, rather than just occupied.


Use A Fake Burglar Alarm

“Fake it until you make it” is a common approach to jobs, but will cause huge problems when it comes to getting robbed.

Many people will add “beware of the dog” signs or install fake burglar alarm boxes to claim a security system that does not exist.

This can stop opportunists, however as soon as they realise your home has no security they know they can break in as soon as it is unoccupied.

If you are going to show off a security alarm, make sure it is not a bluff.

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