Three Key Facts About Home Security Systems

//Three Key Facts About Home Security Systems

Three Key Facts About Home Security Systems

There are so many security system solutions to look into, with increasingly sophisticated smart technologies hitting the market regularly.

With so many systems receiving a lot of attention, here are three key facts to know when buying a home security system.


Home Security Systems Are Different To Burglar Alarms

When a lot of people think of home security, they tend to think of burglar alarms, because they have been the last word in home security for decades.

However, there is more to home security than sensors and alarms. Most home security systems record security footage, are used in more locations than just entry points, are often located in doorbells to screen visitors and can even be accessed and controlled from your smartphone.

Smart security systems can assume the role of other safety systems in your home as well, including smoke alarms and emergency panic buttons to aid with independent living.


They Do Not Rely On Mains Power

Most home security systems are wireless and can run off of battery power, which is useful if you live in an area where power cuts are a concern.

Some more expensive options can even be charged using solar power, which can avoid the need to plug the cameras in now and again.


Home Security Is Affordable

The key to a lot of systems out there is scalability, with more pieces of equipment available as you scale up your security.

Starter systems can vary but typically consist of a main unit that controls the rest of the security devices, as well as door/window sensors and motion detectors, with cameras also available as part of these systems.

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