Common Security Mistakes That Can Make A Property A Target For Burglars

//Common Security Mistakes That Can Make A Property A Target For Burglars

Common Security Mistakes That Can Make A Property A Target For Burglars

Home security systems have existed as a concept since the 1960s but it is only in recent years that people have had wider access to a range of cameras, sensors, smart locks and other devices that were previously only feasible for businesses and larger homes.

However, due to the internet of things and high-quality camera technology getting cheaper to produce, most homes can afford to add wireless camera systems to their home, which are used not only to check for intruders but also other forms of safety monitoring.

However, in many security systems, the weakest link is complacency, and there are a number of mistakes that a person can make that can inadvertently make their home a target for burglars.


Leaving The Keys In The Lock

Most burglars are opportunistic in nature and will target a property if they see a potential obvious weakness that can be quickly exploited. This means that one common attempt to deter potential lockpicking actually does more harm than good.

Some people, worried about the potential of a burglar to open a lock using tools, will instead leave the keys in the lock, but this can actually create a potential way in for burglars.

They often check the locks of windows and doors, and if they hear a characteristic rattling, they will look for a way to get those keys.

If your door has a window panel on or next to it, they can break the glass, take the keys and easily get in. Sometimes burglars will attempt to use a coat hanger hook or other easy to obtain device to get the keys through the letterbox.

Instead, leave your keys in a safe place, away from the door and out of sight.


Avoid Online Flexing

Flexing, or the use of social media to brag or show off an expensive purchase, is increasingly used by burglars to find a potentially lucrative target, and in some cases, these pictures can be used to find out more information about the security devices they use.

In general, try not to share too much information publicly online about when you are in or out of a property as well, as this information can be used to form a plan.


Only Activating Security Devices At Night

A common misconception is that burglaries only take place at night, when in fact the majority of robberies take place during the day, some of which whilst people are in the house.

The reason for this is opportunism; if they know you are in the property but not paying attention enough, they can still quickly enter, make up with easily accessible valuables and run away.

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