Why Fingerprint Security Could Be Best For Your Home

//Why Fingerprint Security Could Be Best For Your Home

Why Fingerprint Security Could Be Best For Your Home

With the nights drawing in and the days being short, burglars will be looking forward to winter. The darkness will provide plenty of cover and events like Christmas will offer lots of opportunities to steal valuables, sometimes literally from under the tree.

However, home security is an issue at any time of year, and anyone living in a town like Slough will know people who have had their houses broken into.

There are many ways householders can make their homes more secure and keep the criminals away, not least because simply encountering better security will prompt them to look for easier pickings elsewhere.

A fingerprint door system is one of the great ways you can make your home safer, because it is the most specific way of identifying that a person seeking to open a door is entitled to do so.

Ironically, this technology uses the very reason that fingerprints have been used to identify criminals as a means of helping the innocent: everyone has a unique set of prints.

For this reason, the use of fingerprints in locks was one of the first uses of biometrics. It means that entry to a particular room or property is reserved specifically for the person with that print, or anyone else they choose to let in.

The benefits of such a system are not just confined to security. It also means you would not need to have a key, so the problems arising from losing a key would never occur, not to mention that nobody else could copy your fingerprint in the way they can copy a key.

Fingerprint door systems are not for everybody; for instance a property that several people live it could not function with only one person being able to get access. But for those living alone or in a place requiring extra security, it could be an invaluable tool. Better home security could literally be at your fingertips.

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