Tips To Ensure Your Alarm System Is At Its Best

//Tips To Ensure Your Alarm System Is At Its Best

Tips To Ensure Your Alarm System Is At Its Best

If you have a burglar alarm installed on your property, how can you ensure that it is all working at its best? There must be little risk of the alarm being set off by accident, while also being vigilant enough to deter any potential intruders.

We all want to keep our homes and loved ones safe, as well as help prevent theft of our valuables, belongings, and even pets from theft. We have a look at some tips to help you make sure your alarm system is working at its most efficient.

Check your windows.

If you have a system that uses motion detectors in your property, then a gust of wind through an open window could potentially cause a false alarm while your system is set. 

Before setting the alarm, check that all windows are closed, which will also add an extra layer of security to your home by denying potential intruders a means of entry to your home.


Regularly dust motion detectors to keep them free from dust and cobwebs to help prevent the risk of false alarms. Keep an eye for anything that could trigger the detectors, such as a stray floating balloon or birthday and Christmas decor that has got loose from any fixings.

Use your smartphone

If you have a smart intruder alarm that has an app you can install on your smartphone, then do so. It will enable you to set and deactivate the alarm when you are not present on the property, such as if cleaners, tradesmen, or others have accidentally triggered the alarm while you are out.

Why reduce the risk of false alarms?

False alarms can be a nuisance, and cause anxiety. But who hasn’t decided to eventually ignore a neighbour’s car or house alarms that are constantly being set off? In the event of a burglar setting off your alarm system, you will want to ensure that it does the job it is designed to do.

If you’re looking for intruder alarm installers in Slough, talk to us today.

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