Where Is The Best Place To Store A Safe?

//Where Is The Best Place To Store A Safe?

Where Is The Best Place To Store A Safe?

If you have valuable items, documents and money, a sturdy safe is the best way to keep your valuables secure and can help reduce the price of your contents insurance.

However, whilst having a safe is important, it is the location where you hide your safe which is going to make a major difference in the event your home or office is burgled.

At the same time, however, you do want your valuables in a place that is convenient for you to reach them, as well as somewhere where the safe can be stored without causing any problems.

So to give yourself, your family and your insurance company peace of mind, here are the best places to store a safe.


Under Floors And In Walls

In terms of concealment, nothing is better than storing your safe inside the wall or floor itself. You will know where it is, it is safely out of sight, and even if it is found, it cannot be easily carried off without taking a portion of your home with it.

However, installing a safe into a wall is the most costly and time-consuming installation process, and requires either a shallow safe or thick wall to avoid looking conspicuous.



With a greater trend towards concealed appliances in the kitchen, there are few better places to store a safe than inside a kitchen cupboard or compartment.

Most kitchens do not have items that are either easy or worth stealing so it is unlikely they would raid your cupboards first to find anything.

However, due to the appliances in your kitchen, there is a risk of fire or water damage, so fireproof safes are the best option.

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