Where Are Burglaries Most Prevalent In The UK?

//Where Are Burglaries Most Prevalent In The UK?

Where Are Burglaries Most Prevalent In The UK?

As we move towards autumn and the evenings begin to draw in, we know that it’s time to be on our guard where our home and business security is concerned, with burglars taking advantage of longer nights and evenings.

But which parts of the UK are most vulnerable to burglary? Property Reporter recently shared the findings of a survey conducted by safe.co.uk, which revealed that properties in Cardiff are the most vulnerable to burglary in the country.

Manchester and Edinburgh completed the list of the top three locations in the UK that are most vulnerable to burglaries.

Despite homeowners being aware of the issue, the survey found that 68 per cent have not installed even a standard burglar alarm at their homes.

Just 20 per cent of those questioned have CCTV, while 13 per cent have opted for smart security devices and cameras.

At the other end of the scale, Glasgow, Newcastle and Liverpool were named as the three cities that had the best protections against burglary.

Managing director of safe.co.uk Anthony Neary told the news provider that their survey showed “millions of homes across the UK are not adequately protected from burglary”. He added: “Although investing in the latest security devices can deter criminals, there are also plenty of common sense measures that can be adopted to make a property less vulnerable.”

As the lockdown restrictions in the UK were eased towards the end of May and beginning of June, some raised fears that this could lead to a spate of burglaries as people started to spend more time away from their homes.

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