Lifting Lockdown Could See Burglaries Rise

//Lifting Lockdown Could See Burglaries Rise

Lifting Lockdown Could See Burglaries Rise

Thieves are likely to have found it harder to target residential properties over the last few weeks, as the vast majority of the country has had to remain at home all day long while in lockdown.

Due to people having had to swap their office environment for working from home or being furloughed if their business has had to close, dwellings are rarely ever without someone inside of them.

As a result, burglaries are likely to have declined, as thieves do not want to risk being caught by one of the residents.

However, as lockdown restrictions are set to ease over the coming weeks, homeowners have been warned there could be a spate of thefts.

Head of home insurance at MoneySupermarket Kate Devine was reported by Your Money as saying: “As we look ahead to the potential lift of lockdown in the summer months, we can expect to see Brits heading out of the house to enjoy outdoor activities.”

She noted that people might leave valuable items outside overnight or forget to lock their shed, which could mean they are more vulnerable to the risk of burglary.

This is particularly the case if thieves are tempted to steal from properties due to the high value of items left outside.

What’s more, the insurance provider reminded property owners that inadequate security, such as not locking up doors properly, could make some home protection policies invalid. Therefore, it is prudent to remain cautious even if you are at home more than usual.

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