The Evolution Of Security Video Analytics

//The Evolution Of Security Video Analytics

The Evolution Of Security Video Analytics

Closed Circuit Television is a major part of the security system solutions of many businesses, and has been for decades.

With the development of wireless internet of things smart security systems, this use of cameras has spread to the home and provided a wealth of new developments that can help keep homes and businesses safer.

One of these is the use of analytics in video footage, which reduces the number of false positives and allows cameras to look for specific types of behaviour and warn the owners or stakeholders immediately.

An example of this can be seen with the rising popularity of security doorbells, which contain a camera that allows a homeowner to check who is at the door and to avoid unwanted and intrusive visitors, allowing for greater peace of mind.

Analytics takes this a step further by taking the information that is provided and using algorithms and artificial intelligence to process it and provide more information.

This tends to be used in three different ways, depending on the type of system you buy:


Fixed Algorithm Analysis

A fixed algorithm is a system that is programmed to look for a specific behaviour that it can identify, such as someone walking onto your property or a specific location, and sends an alert when it notices this.


Machine Learning Analysis

Unlike a fixed algorithm, a machine learning system uses artificial intelligence to learn the nature of your environment and what is considered normal for its field of vision. If it detects unusual behaviour it will send an alert.


Facial Recognition

Commonly used for doorbells, facial recognition systems can detect and identify people by their unique features, and can therefore register an alert on anyone it does not recognise.


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