Retail Sector Is Using Security Video Analytics For Covid Safe Measures

//Retail Sector Is Using Security Video Analytics For Covid Safe Measures

Retail Sector Is Using Security Video Analytics For Covid Safe Measures

The retail sector has been accelerating the adoption of video analytics in order to comply with Covid safety requirements, Security News Desk reports. A new survey has found that 87% of retail sector decision makers have deployed video monitoring systems to support the safe re-opening of the premises for staff and customers.

The survey questioned 111 high street retailers based in Europe and the US. Almost half of the group (48%) were using a security camera surveillance system to help reinforce social distancing measures, with a further 39% reporting that they would be doing so within the next 12 months.

Thermal camera analytics to help carry out temperature checks on visitors were being used by 39% of retailers, with 38% planning to introduce them within the next year.

CCTV monitoring systems were also widely used for more traditional purposes of reducing loss of stock through shoplifting, and theft and fraud by staff. 9% of the respondents said that their video security system had completely eliminated shoplifting from their stores, and 58% reported a significant reduction in losses.

Furthermore, 54% of respondents said that the presence of CCTV cameras had significantly reduced cases of theft or fraud by staff or contractors, and 50% reported major reductions in fraudulent slip and fall insurance claims. 46% of the retailers reported a major reduction in incidents of vandalism following the installation of security cameras.

Security video analytics were deployed by 47% of the retailers to monitor footfall activity within the stores, which can be helpful to pinpoint high traffic areas which may need extra Covid safety measures.

A further 30% of respondents said they had installed facial recognition analytics at the entrances to staff-only areas, to enable contactless access control, and 34% said they planned to do so over the next 12 months.


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