How To Stay Secure In The Summer Holidays

//How To Stay Secure In The Summer Holidays

How To Stay Secure In The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays means thousands of families in Slough will soon be packing their bags and heading off on a much-needed break, be it to a green list country overseas or on a staycation.

However, while many will be very glad to get away, there is the sad reality that some people will return home to the horror of a house that has been burgled, with goods of both monetary and sentimental value being taken.

Quite simply, an empty house in the summer holidays is a clear opportunity for burglars. There are, however, steps you can take to make your home more secure.

Firstly and most obviously, now may be a very good time to contact burglar alarm installers in Slough.  Just the sight of an alarm may deter many thieves, as they will know any incursion will set it off.

However, there are many more steps people can take to stay safe. Making sure all windows and doors – including upstairs windows – are safe is essential.

Another smart move is to make it look as if you are still at home.

That means you don’t just ask your neighbours to keep a watch on your home, but get someone to your bins to their normal spot on collection day, so there is no sign you are away. You should also make sure that unless any unopened mail is out of sight, you get a trusted neighbour to collect it for you.

While you may be excited about your holiday, avoid posting about it on social media before you go, as this may flag up to a burglar when your home will be unoccupied.

As well as houses, thieves often target garages, sheds and gardens in the summer. Sometimes the risk is greater when people are actually at home, such as when garden tools are left out overnight. But when you go away, make sure everything is firmly locked away out of sight and out of range.

By taking the right steps, you can minimise the risk that you will come back from holiday and instantly lose all the benefits of the time of relaxation you’ve just had.

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