What Are The Advantages Of Face Recognition Technology?

//What Are The Advantages Of Face Recognition Technology?

What Are The Advantages Of Face Recognition Technology?

As offices and other commercial buildings prepare to reopen this summer, the security and safety of employees will be a high priority. Most workplaces now have some form of access control to help monitor and regulate who enters and leaves the building.

Some of the fastest and most modern techniques use biometric data systems. This software is able to confirm an individual’s identity using unique physical traits, such as fingerprints, eye retina or iris, and voice recognition.

An increasingly popular method of biometric screening is facial recognition, which works by deploying software to read the geometry of a face, scanning its unique key features. It measures as the distance between the eyes, forehead, and chin; the shape of the cheekbones; the contour of the lips and ears; and the depth of the eye sockets.

The captured data is converted into a set of mathematical formula, called a faceprint, which is as unique as a person’s thumbprint. The faceprint is then compared against a database containing potentially millions of other faces, and once a match is found, the identity of the person is determined.

Face recognition from biometric face readers is increasingly used for access control to workplaces, because it is contactless, and therefore limits the spread of germs, and reduces the risk of contagious viruses being carried into the building.

It only takes a second for the technology to process the face, and the person doesn’t have to waste time finding their wallet or ID badge, so it is a quick and efficient method of access control.

Facial recognition software is also a great deterrent to burglars, trespassers, and vandals, because the accuracy of identification is extremely high, and it makes attempted breaches very easy to track down. It is impossible to hack, tamper, or coerce others into sharing passwords or ID cards.


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