What About Biometric Access Control For Your Gym?

//What About Biometric Access Control For Your Gym?

What About Biometric Access Control For Your Gym?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from having biometric access control installed on site, but it could prove particularly advantageous for those running busy gyms to allow their customers to scan themselves into the building using just their finger.

Traditionally, gyms have used membership cards that need to scan in order to make it past the turnstile at the reception desk. But from a customer perspective, this can become quite a nuisance if they’re lost on a regular basis and need to be replaced at a cost.

If all they need to do is present their finger to a scanner, they’re sure to be a lot happier – and it could help move the queues along at busy times when you may have people lining up to be let in, held up by someone who can’t find their gym card in their training bag.

Something else to bear in mind, with all this talk of the impact that human activity is having on the planet, is that by moving to a biometric system, you remove the need to print out plastic membership cards entirely, so you’re immediately slashing your carbon footprint very effectively indeed.

Your business will also enjoy enhanced security, since you know that only people who are members of the gym will be in the building at any given time. You’re also able to track member timings, so there are all sorts of benefits associated with biometrics.

If you’d like to find out more about these access systems, get in touch with us today.

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