Top Tips To Keep Your Security System Secure

//Top Tips To Keep Your Security System Secure

Top Tips To Keep Your Security System Secure

Security is defined by your security system solutions’ weakest links, so whilst having a security system can offer peace of mind, it is important to ensure that your security system is itself kept secure.

In the UK, a burglary takes place every 106 seconds, or just over a minute and a half. As a result, it is important to make sure burglars know that your house is not one to try to rob.

Here are some times to ensure your security system is itself secure.


Turn On Automatic Updates

Modern smart security systems use an Internet of Things architecture which allows them to connect to the internet and to each other. So long as they are regularly updated they are secure, but if you do not update the software it could open your home to security flaws.

This works in a similar way to hacking a computer, except instead of getting access to emails a technologically savvy burglar could get access to camera feeds, alarm systems or even a smart lock.


Buy Anti-Tamper Devices

Because security cameras and alarms are not wired up anymore, they cannot simply be cut anymore, but there are ways to ensure your security devices are even more protected.

Some devices come with anti-tamper features, which sound an alarm whenever they are moved or someone tries to break them. Others have sensitive sensors that can detect attempts to break or pick open locked doors and windows.


Review Footage

Security cameras are useful not only to spot criminals if they break into your property but also to help you spot suspicious behaviour.

Make sure you review footage from your cameras time and again, and look for vehicles and people you don’t know spending a lot of time around your home.

If you see number plates or identifying information, get in touch with the police with this information and your evidence.

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