Top Home Security Tips For Pet Owners To Prevent Thefts

//Top Home Security Tips For Pet Owners To Prevent Thefts

Top Home Security Tips For Pet Owners To Prevent Thefts

A pet such as a cat or dog can bring joy and happiness to your home, but it’s important to take safety and security into consideration. This can minimise the risk of pet theft and also make sure that your home is as secure as it can be for your pet and also you and your family. Here are some tips to stay safe.

  • Cat flaps and dog flaps

A pet flap is a convenient way to allow your pet the freedom to roam between the house and garden without the need to let them out and in at all hours of the day. However, be aware of the positioning of the flap. A cat flap is too small for a person to climb through, but it may be possible for them to reach in and open the door from inside if it is higher up on the door.

Never leave your key in the inside of the door, because a determined intruder may reach in through the cat flap and hook them out, then open the door from the outside. Dog flaps may be large enough for a child to crawl through, and sadly some unscrupulous adults will teach a child to do this and unlock the door from the inside. 

Therefore you should consider locking or sealing a dog flap at night. As an extra precaution, it may be worth investing in a CCTV system to monitor your pet flap. 

  • Perimeter boundaries

If you have a dog that you let run in the garden, it’s essential that you make sure that all the perimeter fencing and gates are safe and secure. The fencing should have no gaps that are big enough for the dog to squeeze through. Check them regularly for signs of wear and tear and weaknesses, and make sure that your dog has not been busy digging a tunnel!

Ideally gates should be kept locked, both to deter intruders and to stop clever dogs undoing latches and escaping. 

  • Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights that activate in response to movement can be an excellent deterrent to intruders because they hate to be visible. These lights are also convenient when you arrive home in the dark. You can alter the settings if you don’t want your pet to trigger the motion sensor, which is useful for nocturnal cats who like to be out and about in the early hours.

  • Have your pet microchipped

Microchipping dogs has been mandatory in the UK for several years, and under new legislation cat owners have until June 2024 to microchip their pets or face a fine of up to £500. The owner’s contact details are stored on a central database to make it easier for the pet to be returned should it be lost or stolen.

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