Six Top Security Tips For When Your House Is On The Market

//Six Top Security Tips For When Your House Is On The Market

Six Top Security Tips For When Your House Is On The Market

When your house is for sale, you may feel that your privacy is somewhat compromised. Pictures of the interior will be freely available for millions of people to view on Rightmove, and a ‘for sale’ board will announce to the whole neighbourhood that you are on the move.

Passersby may peer through the window or even knock to ask for a viewing without making a prior appointment. A host of strangers will be trampling over your best flooring, their eyes taking in every detail of your home. Therefore, it is important that you take some extra security precautions to keep your possessions and family safe during this time. 

  • Keep valuables out of sight

Before the photographer visits your home and before any viewings take place, remove any valuable items and lock them away. Be especially careful of smaller items such as phones, jewellery, and wallets that are easy to pick up and stow away while backs are turned. 

You may also want to remove personal family photos if you don’t feel comfortable with them in the photographs, which could end up anywhere. Also hide any documents that contain your personal details, such as bank statements and passports, to avoid identity theft. After all, they already know your address. 

  • Make sure that there are no hazards

If a visitor to your home trips on a loose floorboard or clutter left on the floor, you may be liable to compensate them for their injuries. Always make sure that your floors are clear and free of spilt substances that could cause slips or falls. This will also help to create a better impression for potential buyers.

  • Never let people in without an appointment

It is best practice to always arrange viewings through an estate agent. They will ask some preliminary questions to weed out timewasters, and you can be more sure that the viewers have a genuine interest in buying the property, rather than sizing up potential entry points. This will also give you time to prepare and present the property in the best possible light. 

  • Keep windows and doors locked

During a viewing, people may open exterior doors and windows to see how well they fit and what sort of condition they are in. It can be easy to forget to lock up afterwards, and this can lead to a potential easy entry point for thieves. Always double check after each viewing that no doors or windows have been left open.

  • Keep the outdoor space tidy

Opportunist thieves will use tools or garden implements that have been left lying around to break into a property. Keep them locked in a shed or garage, which will also keep your house looking neat and tidy.

  • Upgrade your security system

Your home is more visible when it is for sale, and this may have attracted the attention of the wrong people. Therefore it can bring extra peace of mind to invest in upgraded security, such as intruder alarms, security lights, or CCTV cameras.

Modern and professionally installed security systems will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers. For information about burglar alarms in Slough, please visit our website today.

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