Police Remind Businesses To Remain Vigilant

//Police Remind Businesses To Remain Vigilant

Police Remind Businesses To Remain Vigilant

As businesses close during the coronavirus crisis, there has been an increase in opportunist thieves taking advantage of the lockdown to target local premises, in particular those left unstaffed and closed following the government’s shut down of all non-essential businesses.

Staffordshire Police have reported an increase in the number of reports of break-ins to businesses, according to Tamworth Informed. As a result, the force is now reminding businesses to make sure they have taken the necessary steps to prevent becoming victims of crime during the pandemic.

They have highlighted the factors that can increase the risk of break-in and theft, including the area in which the premises are sited, the stock that may be on-site, the security systems in place, and the local criminal activity.

Business Crime Lead for the force, Chief Inspector Giles Parsons said: “We will maintain a visible presence and are committed to preventing any crime. However, we need your help to ensure that buildings are as secure as they can be.

“As a rule, it’s important that you focus on the risks to your premises and regularly review your security. Remember, the restrictions on your movement will be prohibitive so only travel when absolutely necessary – considering the health of yourself and others when doing so.

“We ask that everyone adhere to the government guidelines and social distancing whilst carrying out any essential security checks.”

The following guidelines are to help you protect your property and business:

  • Perform a detailed audit of all the security systems in place in all properties and land you for which you are responsible, whether they’re occupied or not.
  • Invest in a recognised security gate and locking mechanism, which is securely fixed to the ground and in alignment with the boundary fence. Ensure your boundary is security rated and high enough to deter someone from climbing over it. It’s recommended for a minimum height of 2.1 metres.
  • A vehicle height restrictor can prevent larger vehicles from entering your site, which can also be secured with heavy-duty concrete blocks, or security rated bollards.
  • In line with “government coronavirus policies,” you could employ an SIA licenses security guard at the site – providing a permanent presence. You must always be mindful of the personal safety of your staff when doing this.
  • Make sure your CCTV is an accredited system and correctly installed and positioned so that it covers your premises and any vulnerable areas.
  • Ensure your property has good lighting levels, and install constant low-level dusk-till-dawn lighting with motion-activated sensors.
  • Highly visible warning signs, as well as some forensic marking techniques, can be used to show your property is protected
  • Turn off the utility supply to the premises. If they’re not needed then cut the electricity and water supply to the site. Be aware of any impact this could have on CCTV, alarms or fire regulations. Fit a monitored alarm to the building and ensure all windows and doors are properly protects – with either shutters or grilles.

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