How To Transition From Reactive To Proactive Security

//How To Transition From Reactive To Proactive Security

How To Transition From Reactive To Proactive Security

When it comes to choosing the right security system solutions for your business, the question becomes as much a matter of philosophy as it is about functionality.

Many businesses take a reactive approach to security rather than a proactive approach, which can leave them vulnerable to vectors of attack they did not expect or predict.

reactive approach to security comes naturally to many people and involves responding to a threat or potential threat after it has already appeared, either because they have seen someone become a victim to a particular form of security breach or it has already happened to them.

It is not an entirely valueless approach, but it involves waiting for obvious signs that may mean it is too late to protect yourself the first time. This is the equivalent of buying an umbrella because you have already been caught in a rainstorm; whilst it protects you from future harm, you are still soaking wet.

A better approach to take is a proactive security philosophy; this involves assessing closely the potential risks and devising a security regime that helps reduce the damage done or prevents attacks from taking place.

Exactly what this entails can vary, but it often involves a range of systems designed to slow down potential intruders for long enough for another intervention to catch them or for their crime to be recorded and reported.

Many intruders are inherently opportunistic in nature, and will only attempt a break-in if they can successfully get in quickly, get out with valuable assets quickly and avoid the risk of getting caught and the major consequences that can come from this.

It can also involve more passive security systems such as feeding potential intruders to particular points of entry that can be more closely and carefully monitored.

It also involves educating staff on the importance of security and taking a security-first approach to access control systems and different areas of a facility.

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