How Smart Access Can Help The Return To Work

//How Smart Access Can Help The Return To Work

How Smart Access Can Help The Return To Work

As the country begins to reopen after the lockdown, the workplace must be prepared and ready to welcome back workers after a year or more of working from home. Even if employees are only popping into the office for a couple of days a week, people need the confidence that workplaces are clean and COVID-secure.

Understandably, many workers will have some level of fear over the return to the office after a year of working from home, and uncertainty with what will happen next with the coronavirus, so offices must be kept clean, individual workspaces are far apart, and that access and amenities are touch-free and easily accessible on mobile devices.

Building tenants will be concerned about how workplaces will be accessed, and smart access is more than just giving occupants a means to unlock a door or space, it can enable user tracking and visitor management, which are two important elements as the focus is turned towards re-occupying offices.

With flexible working arrangements, access control systems have had to become far more advanced and be capable of accounting for different people exerting different buildings, working in different spaces and entering and leaving buildings at varying times of the day.

For the optimal digital experience, access systems must continually evolve to be secure and able to provide a seamless customer journey, regardless of which office within the system’s network someone is entering.

It is vital for workspace providers and building managers to understand who is in the building, in which physical spaces they are working, and who they regularly interact with, and this should cover the office, car parks, workshops/spaces, desks, and general amenities.

Not only does having a holistic view of a building allow for tighter security, but it also enables offices to be a safer space for people to return to amid the pandemic.


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