How Biometric Face Readers Can Enhance Workplace Security

//How Biometric Face Readers Can Enhance Workplace Security

How Biometric Face Readers Can Enhance Workplace Security

As the pace of technological advancement gets quicker every year, it seems that there is more choice than ever for security enhancement products. While this is undoubtedly a positive development, it can make the process of deciding which security measures to use in the workplace a complicated process.

One of the most popular access control solutions that has emerged in recent years is the biometric face reader. This uses artificial intelligence to map facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth from a photograph and compare the information with a database of known faces. This can be used to verify a person’s identity or trigger a potential intruder alert.

Here is a look at how this technology can provide enhanced security for your workplace.

  • Accurate and fast results

The facial recognition technology takes just a few seconds to scan and process data, meaning that staff and visitors can be verified almost instantly. Any potential breaches of security will be instantly picked up on and an alert will be triggered immediately so that security personnel can take swift action.

The technology can be much more accurate than other biometric security measures such as fingerprint scanners, because the face is much harder to replicate. 

  • Ease of use 

Biometric facial recognition technology is operated with a simple facial scan and it causes no inconvenience to users. There are no security passes or key fobs to carry, or PINs or passwords to remember. This makes the entry process for staff quick and easy.

It also eliminates the risk of security passes, fobs, and so on being lost, stolen, or deliberately misused to gain unauthorised access.

  • Customisable access levels

The technology can be customised to allow employees access to areas based on their job roles and responsibilities, and restrict access to certain areas. This may be a concern in workplaces where high-value goods or highly sensitive data is stored or processed. It provides an extra layer of security and accountability for clients and business partners.

  • What to consider when selecting a facial recognition system

Before installing a biometric facial recognition system, conduct a security assessment of your workplace and identify all of the access points and any vulnerabilities. This includes perimeter gates and all external and internal doors. Consider what activities or what equipment or goods are stored in each area and what level of security is required.

  • Integrate the technology with existing security systems

Consider upgrading to an integrated security system that includes CCTV cameras and intruder alarms that can be monitored from a central computer system. This means that you will have a robust approach to security with multiple lines of defence. 

  • Train employees in the correct use of the system

You will get the most out of the technology if you educate all staff in the correct method of use. They may raise concerns about privacy and data security, so make sure that you address these and be transparent about how their data is stored and used.

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