Google Trend Suggests Increased Risk Of Burglary

//Google Trend Suggests Increased Risk Of Burglary

Google Trend Suggests Increased Risk Of Burglary

Data from Google has shown an increase in search engine enquiries relating to burglary and robberies, which has led to an increase in people wanting to instal or beef up their home security.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Google searches for the phrases ‘how to rob a house’ and ‘how to break a window’ have increased by up to 50 per cent in the area between July and August this year.

Searches including the phrase ‘how to rob a house’ reportedly increased by 50 per cent, while ‘how to break into a house’ increased by 14 per cent and ‘how to break a window’ by nearly a fifth during the same period.

Crime in Liverpool fell by 23 per cent, but the increase in the search trend appears to coincide with the easing of restrictions.

One home security expert said it was concerning to see the figures from the search engine giant, and with autumn bringing darker nights, it could lead to an increase when it comes to crimes such as burglary and robberies.

“The fact that the monthly search volume for “how to rob a house” doubled in just one month shows how crucial it is for us not to get complacent with our home security routines, now that we’re out and about more,” they said.

The UK police website has a section dedicated to protecting your home from crime, noting that a determined burglar can be ‘difficult to discourage’, but good-quality windows, doors and locks make excellent deterrents. Marking and registering valuables in case they are stolen is also a good idea.


A home security system is one of the best deterrents, so if you’re looking for burglar alarm installers in Slough, talk to us today.

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