4 Essential Tips To Help Prevent Pet Theft From Your Home

//4 Essential Tips To Help Prevent Pet Theft From Your Home

4 Essential Tips To Help Prevent Pet Theft From Your Home

Sadly, instances of pets being stolen from family homes or other locations are on the rise. Losing a beloved pet is a heart wrenching experience, especially when you may never know what has happened to them. Here are some tips and suggestions that can help you safeguard your pet, and will also make your home more secure. 

  • Microchip your pet

It’s a legal requirement to have dogs microchipped in the UK, and from 10 June 2024 it will also be mandatory to have cats microchipped. This is the easiest way to be reunited with your pet should they become lost or stolen. Remember to update your contact details if you move house or change your phone number. 

It is also mandatory for dogs to wear a collar and tag when they are in a public place, with the owners’ name and address engraved on it or written on the tag. It is recommended that a contact number is added to assist with the identification and recovery process. Keeping a recent photo of your pet and a note of any distinctive markings is a good idea.

  • Secure your garden

Dogs are often snatched from gardens, so if possible don’t let your dog out unsupervised. If you still want them to freely access your outside space, make sure that all the perimeter boundaries are secure and in a good state of repair. Ideally fit gates with a lock and an alarm that sounds when it is opened.

  • Update your home security system

If your pet is sought after, such as a popular breed of pedigree dog, then unfortunately it will have a high resale value and will be a target for thieves. In some cases, pets are stolen from owner’s homes. A few updates to your home security can help to deter thieves, or alert you to any potential break-ins. 

Outside motion sensor lights that switch on automatically when they detect movement are an excellent form of security and deterrent. Criminals look for situations where they are not going to be easily seen, and will think twice about breaking into a house with a well lit exterior. 

Inside your home, security cameras that also detect human activity deter intruders and provide excellent sources of evidence should a break in occur. The cameras can be integrated with a range of digital devices so that you can also remotely monitor your pet when you are away from home.

This can provide extra peace of mind and is also useful if you have a dog that is prone to separation activity, and might chew furniture or carpets when it is bored or anxious. 

  • Be careful about posting photos on social media

It can be very tempting to share cute photos of your pet on social media, but be cautious of displaying details such as access points to your home or clues as to its location. This can give burglars inside information should they decide to target your pet. 

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