4 Benefits Of An Intruder Alarm For Your Home Or Business

//4 Benefits Of An Intruder Alarm For Your Home Or Business

4 Benefits Of An Intruder Alarm For Your Home Or Business

We are living in the age of technology and the world of security is at the forefront of many new developments. In the past ten years, biometric security systems such as fingerprint readers and facial recognition technology have become standard, for example. 

There is a focus on integrated security systems that allow you to control multiple devices from a smartphone, and can be remotely monitored by a third party service provider. Many businesses now put far more emphasis on cybersecurity than the physical security of their premises. 

However, it’s still essential to have some basic security elements in place to protect your property, whether that’s your home or a business. Here’s why intruder alarms should not be overlooked.


  • A visible deterrent

You can have the most sophisticated technology available to protect your property, but a potential intruder will be on the lookout for visible deterrents such as a burglar alarm. The police recommend installing an accredited burglar alarm system with audible alarm boxes.

These should be mounted at a high level to the front and rear of your home where they cannot be easily tampered with. To reinforce the impact, put signs or stickers at prominent places around your home alerting any intruders to the security system. 


  • An immediate response

The most basic types of burglar alarm systems will trigger an audible alarm when a security breach has been detected. This will alert the occupants, neighbours, or passers by to the situation, and is often enough to make the intruder retreat and abandon the attempted break-in. Even if no one responds, the loud noise is distracting and disconcerting. 

Monitored intruder alarms will automatically alert a third- party service provider via a telephone line or GSM/GPRS network, which is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The monitoring service will then contact all the keyholders and inform the police.

There is also a satellite-based monitoring service available for commercial businesses and it will be able to detect if a phone line has been cut or if it is faulty.   


  • Reduced insurance premiums

Most insurance companies providing business or home and contents insurance will ask if you have a burglar alarm installed, and what type it is. If you can answer positively, then it is likely you will have reduced premiums. A monitored intruder alarm will provide the greatest level of protection and also potentially a discounted insurance premium. 


  • Increased chance of catching offenders

Intruder alarms can help to make your neighbourhood safer for everyone, because they make it much more likely that someone’s attention will be caught, whether it’s a neighbour, a passerby, or a monitoring service. 

This means that it is more likely the police will arrive promptly to apprehend the criminal, avoiding potential damage, loss of property, and a potentially dangerous encounter for you, your family, or employees. 

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